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Pakistan’s War on Terror? Is this really our war?

Is this really Pakistan’s War on Terror? Americans are negotiating with Taliban yet pressurize us to do more at our borders. Who controls the drones and why Pakistan has allowed its air space to get drones kills Pakistanis? Some tweets that were made last year but are still pertinent, relevant, and fresh. We will continue […]

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Obama’s Dirty Wars: Map of US Drone Strikes in Pakistan

In June Slate magazine published a map, based on data from the New America Foundation, showing the locations and kill estimates of reported drone strikes in Pakistan, where most of the drone strikes occur. Since that map was published, the media have reported 22 more, for a total of 284. The map above includes these […]

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General Kayani Independence Day Speech

What is Terrorism and Extermism? Comments on General Kayani Independence Day Speech

On the night of 13th August, hours before Pakistan’s 65th birthday, General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani addressed the selected guests at PMA Kakul. Not so many years ago, Independence Day was used to be celebrated with parades by the Armed Forces and Civilian troupes. In those days, People of Pakistan, especially the kids, eagerly looked forward […]

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CRS Pakistan - PR Firm

Pakistan PR Firm worked as Defence Contractor for US Government to Monitor Social Media

Few months back, it was reported that how certain Pakistani journalists are on the payroll of US State Department, taking their salaries from them while seemingly reporting from Pakistani News channels like Express and Dunya TV. Another shocker was revealed today when it was reported (rather tweeted) that In 2009, US DoD hired a Pakistani […]

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For Whom The Bells Would Ring.. Pakistan – US Standoff!!!

It was coming, we all knew but General Mullen was outpaced even by his own words when he tried something only he knows better. The world strongest force, mightier in man power, technology and arsenal than any seen on Earth, being handicapped by a band of outlaws, terrorist, Jihadis whatever you label them is highly […]

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Rare Earth Elements in Afghanistan

Rare Earth Metals, Minerals and Precious Stones: Real Reasons for the Afghan War

Rare Earth Metals are a set of seventeen elements, mined from the earth, which form the basis of modern day gadgets, from the smart phones to hybrid cars, defence equipment and almost everything else thats part of our modern day technology. Currently, China is the biggest supplier of Rare Earth Metals, producing almost 93% of […]

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Webster Tarpley on Osama Bin Laden, ISI and the scheme to destabilize Pakistan

Webster Tarpley, investigative journalist and author, stated in an interview right after Osama Bin Laden alleged killing by Navy Seals that it is another false flag operation to further destabilize Pakistan. Webster Tarpley, and other independent analysts like him, are warning since long that the US plan to rule the world has miserably failed and […]

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War on Terror in Pakistan

Our Woes and Foes

Is not this high time we, sincere Pakistanis, got our thinking straight… and decide where it all went wrong ? 1. We may have provided them with refuge, and a congenial breeding home ground for their life time settlement. With our traditions of being the greatest hosts, we may have supported our guests in getting […]

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Hillary Clinton

Sleep Condemning America

Old Pakistan: I begin in the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful. Enlightened moderation: I begin by thanking Honourable Hilary Clinton for briefing us Pakistanis about what is happening in our country, and what our future is, because nobody from our current rulers (not leaders mind you!) have told us this so far. “This […]

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Parliament House Islamabad

Post OBL in-Camera Parliament Session

I tried to revisit my memory for an instant like this in history, and not surprisingly my mind says “your search is invalid”… hmm logical. Things have lately turned from not so ordinary to highly extra ordinary. Rift between CIA and ISI over the crown trophy of Afghanistan, Obama’s not so noble outlook toward Pakistan […]

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