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Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi selected as interim Chief Minister Punjab

Najam Sethi, senior journalist, book publisher, editor of The Friday Times, and participant of talk show Aaps ki Baat at Geo News, has been selected as interim Chief Minister Punjab. A six member parliamentary committee comprising three members each from the government and opposition side has been discussing four names for the post of caretaker [...]

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Zombies walking dead living betrayed

Walking Dead, Living Betrayed

Long ago read somewhere that laughter’s and happiness have long ceased to exist in human affairs, except for those who have mastered the art of disguising their sorrows into smiles. This simply holds true for Pakistan, and its 180 million Pakistanis in 2011. It’s a known fact that one can defend an external aggressor by [...]

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Save me from the Feudal of Pakistan

How Can We Get Rid of Our Feudal Lords?

Feudal lords were created by the “Gora Sab“, the British rulers. I will not call these landlord groups the real culprits, or blood suckers, because there is a history behind giving them powers by the British rulers, that’s the way they were ruling the people and collecting the land revenue from peasants. It’s not easy [...]

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Imran Khan PTI Jalsa in Lahore

Imran Khan, PTI Jalsa in Lahore, and the way forward

On March 25, 1992 Imran Khan and his team attracted around 87,182 spectators to watch them go into, and win, the final of Cricket World Cup against England at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Nineteen years later, Imran Khan, and his 15 years old political party, was able to amass 100,000 (or 200,000 depending on which source [...]

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Dengue Crises Worsens ….

Emergency has been declared in hospitals as cases have risen to 5,500 with over 40 people dead. The fear has gripped Punjab with people lining up for tests at it’s mere suspicion. The majority of people affected are from Lahore, with a total of 4,000 cases and 26 deaths. The failure to get admitted in [...]

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Dengue Fever

The Dengue Crisis in Punjab

Dengue fever has turned into an epidemic in Punjab specially Lahore after heavy rain. Over 2,000 cases had been reported in Lahore only and over 3,000 cases have been reported all over the country. Such a huge number of people become victim to the deadly ailment owing to Punjab government’s alleged failure to fumigate on [...]

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MQM Flag

MQM and the Muhajir Myths

MQM, founded as Muhajir Qaumi Movement, is now known as Muttahida Qaumi Movement. The change in name came after its decision to join national level politics as a main stream party. When MQM went through this shift it was assumed, and appreciated by many circles, that MQM has stripped out of its racist core. However, [...]

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Shahbaz Taseer

Shahbaz Taseer Kidnapping – Something Cooking Up!

Lahoriites as well as entire Pakistan was stunned by the moving scenes flashing on our media yesterday morning. In broad day light from down town Lahore, Salman Taseer’s son Shahbaz was abducted by armed men riding on a jeep, and this is all to the story. The event took place just after 10 am, and [...]

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punjab police gardi

Stop Police-Gardi in Punjab

When it comes to institutions and their respective performance in Pakistan, there is hardly any attribute worth mentioning whether we take WAPDA, PIA, Railways, FBR, as a teat case. But successfully topping the list of most inefficient institutions remain our police who has by its acts and performance ensured that this slot remains in their [...]

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Salman Taseer dead in Islamabad

Good Bye Salman Taseer

2011 has started with a sad note. Governor Punjab Salman Taseer was gunned down by one of his own security personnel during a trip to Islamabad. This assassination will be unique as the killer handed himself over to the authorities while the motive for his action is also crystal clear. It is undoubtedly a great [...]

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