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Hamid Mir attacked

Media Wars in Pakistan as lines are drawn after attack on Hamid Mir

The media houses in Pakistan are at each others’ throats in an ongoing battle to defame and disrepute each other. The lines were drawn after condemnable life threatening attack on renowned journalist and TV anchor Hamid Mir. Geo, the employer of Mir, swiftly named DG ISI has the man behind the attack. This started a […]

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Pervez Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf banned from contesting Elections in Pakistan

The former SSG Commando, ex-Army Chief and Dictator General (retd) Pervez Musharraf has been banned from contesting elections in Pakistan. The 69-year-old applied to run for parliament in four seats but was rejected immediately from all but the northern district of Chitral, on the Afghan border. A three-judge panel in Peshawar disqualified Musharraf from running […]

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Fancy a Date with General Musharraf? Cough up $1000

Pervez Musharraf, the ex-SSG Commando cum Army Chief turned Marshal Law Dictaor, came up with another cheap publicity stunt. Now you can have a date with Musharraf that includes a dinner, hand shake, and chance of photograph – if you are ready to part with $1000. According to an advertisement posted at Eventbrite, online event […]

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Difa-e-Pakistan Council

The “Defence of Pakistan Phenomena”… A Bitter Factsheet

Lately, the combine wrath of media, civil society and public at large has centered around the ever increasing extremist forces in Pakistan, whether labeled as “Jihadis” or some time referred to as “the league of brain-washed”. Musharraf, post 9/11 did his best to build an opinion at large against them, but it stands true that […]

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Mir Shakil ur Rahman

Bollywood Stars, Pervez Musharraf attend the wedding of Jang Group Owner Mir Shakil ur Rahman Daughter in Dubai

Here is an event that went unnoticed in the main stream media of Pakistan. All the snoopy “investigative” journalist guns were silent and no one even raised their hyper-critique eyebrows on what is labelled as a high profile wedding in Dubai. Emirates 24X7 reports that top Bollywood celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri, […]

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Memogate and the Greater Divide

It’s what the wise always warned about, best kept secrets from spouse or the house are bound to expire, and so it did. But strangely it’s not the secret itself but its architects who are being sought. Like a fuse attached to an explosive dump, the memo has ignited slowly but is undoubtedly travelling toward […]

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Farooq Sattar

Farooq Sattar accepted MQM role in May 12, 2007 massacre

MQM has this habit of denying and lying ferociously, thinking maybe they can make a fool out of everyone all the time. Like its chief Altaf Hussain accuses ANP of taking dollars from USA and then apologizes. This shows the kind of ethics MQM has. MQM kept denying the fact that it played a major […]

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Parliament House Islamabad

Post OBL in-Camera Parliament Session

I tried to revisit my memory for an instant like this in history, and not surprisingly my mind says “your search is invalid”… hmm logical. Things have lately turned from not so ordinary to highly extra ordinary. Rift between CIA and ISI over the crown trophy of Afghanistan, Obama’s not so noble outlook toward Pakistan […]

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shahzain bugti

Shahzain Bugti’s Arrest … A New Pandora Box!

Time and time again it has been stressed that Pakistan’s elected government is running out of both time and options, when it comes to the prevailing situation in Balochistan. Where Pervez Musharraf has gifted us with many curses during his reign, in my opinion second to the upsurge in extremism remains the murder of Nawab […]

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The curious case of Cartons: From New York to Pakistan President House

Media today is abuzz with news of mysterious cartons dispatched from New York to Lahore, whose consignee is the “most-important” personality in President House. Incidentally, the cartons traveled through PIA PK 722 which was also boarded by Defense minister Ahmed Mukhtar after attending the strategic dialog in USA. According to a news item in Daily […]

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