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Gaddafi and Obama

Fall of Gaddafi, another step towards New Middle East and End of USA

With Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the man who ruled Libya for almost 42 years, gone and his country now on the verge of a civil war, the map of world changes with another post-Ottoman Empire country going down the Neo Colonialist way. Barrack Hussain Obama, Noble Peace Prize holder, has now emerged as a Warrior President, […]

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Ahmed Wali Karzai

US Smoke Screen over Afghan End Game

Team Obama since 2nd May seems to have sealed the triumph in Afghanistan, and rest assured this reality starts from White House and ends at Pentagon. A lot has been cooked up regarding US chartered end game in Afghanistan, how they have separated “Good Talibs from the Bad One’s”, Al Qaeda paralyzed after OBL’s elimination […]

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Last interview of Saleem Shahzad

This is the last interview slain journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad gave. He negated the theory that Taliban will negotiate with America after Osama Bin Laden is gone.

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Webster Tarpley on Osama Bin Laden, ISI and the scheme to destabilize Pakistan

Webster Tarpley, investigative journalist and author, stated in an interview right after Osama Bin Laden alleged killing by Navy Seals that it is another false flag operation to further destabilize Pakistan. Webster Tarpley, and other independent analysts like him, are warning since long that the US plan to rule the world has miserably failed and […]

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US Drone Pakistan Bomb

Team Obama Delivers Pakistan Bomb: Countdown Begins

Pace of events post OBL killing has outpaced everyone, and there shouldn’t be another opinion on this point. The guy haunted millions in his life, and to carry his legacy of “terror” has done the same thing in his death. Hardly three weeks passed his killing in Abbotabad but already tremors have struck Pakistan Defense […]

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Zakir Naik says NDTV and Barkha Dutt manipulated his OBL statement

Zakir Naik was invited on an Indian show. He had two problems with the show concerning his part, about which he talked on his own channel later. 1. Is Zakir Naik’s comment about Osama bin Laden correct? 2. Does the edited part really make a difference?

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Barack Obama Islam

Not too absurd?

Mualana Abdul Aziz, in a recent interview to CNN proclaimed Osama to be a martyr. He said he was both happy and sad at his death. Content that he died a martyr, which means heavenly bliss, and sad because the Islamic world is left without his guidance. Obviously the cleric was also of the view […]

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Parliament House Islamabad

Post OBL in-Camera Parliament Session

I tried to revisit my memory for an instant like this in history, and not surprisingly my mind says “your search is invalid”… hmm logical. Things have lately turned from not so ordinary to highly extra ordinary. Rift between CIA and ISI over the crown trophy of Afghanistan, Obama’s not so noble outlook toward Pakistan […]

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Charsadda blasts kill 80

This is first alleged retaliation on Osama Bin Laden’s death by US Navy Seals in Abbottabad. As per initial reports, twin blasts occurred outside FC training institution in Shabqadar Tehsil of Charsadda as newly trained paramilitary cadets were getting into buses and coaches for a 10-day leave after a training course. They were wearing civilian […]

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Terrorists Vow To Seek Revenge

The prayers of getting justice, by many Muslims and non- Muslims who had suffered at the hands of Osama Bin Laden’s terrorism was answered on May 2nd, 2011. It was a historic day for the innocent and peace-leaving people, when Osama Bin Laden (OBL), the face of death and the symbol of terrorism was killed […]

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