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Difa-e-Pakistan Council

The “Defence of Pakistan Phenomena”… A Bitter Factsheet

Lately, the combine wrath of media, civil society and public at large has centered around the ever increasing extremist forces in Pakistan, whether labeled as “Jihadis” or some time referred to as “the league of brain-washed”. Musharraf, post 9/11 did his best to build an opinion at large against them, but it stands true that […]

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NATO Chicago 2012

NATO and its plans in Afghanistan

A two day NATO summit begins in Chicago, USA with a last minute invitation extended to President Zardari. The main aim of the summit is to formalize a stretagy for the eventual withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2014 as agreed in the last summit. “There will be no rush for the exits,” NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh […]

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war drums America

War Drums Rolling for Pakistan, Syria, Iran?

With Pakistan and America engaging in a game of nerves after Pakistani soldiers were killed in an apparent attack by NATO across Afghanistan border, political condition of Syria getting worse by the day and series of mysterious explosions happening at ordinance depots, missile facilities, and nuclear installations of Iran, the conspiracy theorists are having a […]

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NATO attack on Pakistan

NATO attacked Pakistani Army outposts, 25 soldiers killed

NATO helicopters attacked an Army checkpoint in Mohamand tribal area, killing at least 25 soldiers. AP reports that the Pakistan military blamed NATO for Friday’s attack in the Mohmand tribal area, saying the helicopters “carried out unprovoked and indiscriminate firing.” It said casualties have been reported but details were still coming. The helicopters attacked the […]

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Wikileaks exposed more than 2000 World Wide Collaborators of US and NATO

Wikileaks exposed more than 2000 World Wide Collaborators of US and NATO

What is Wikileaks? Is it a project for Freedom of Expression, or is it another tool used by United States hegemony and its capitalistic allies? Whenever some document is leaked, usually in the form of a diplomatic cable from some US embassy to its mothership, people start criticizing and cursing their governments. There is no […]

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Charles de Gaulle

The Spirit of De Gaulle

Life brings along many theories and prophecies, but none is more accepted with unanimous concept than the one indicating that like a coin, it has two faces. One positive the other negative, one noble while the other a living devil and this s how it goes on. Same is the case with history and those […]

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Parliament House Islamabad

Post OBL in-Camera Parliament Session

I tried to revisit my memory for an instant like this in history, and not surprisingly my mind says “your search is invalid”… hmm logical. Things have lately turned from not so ordinary to highly extra ordinary. Rift between CIA and ISI over the crown trophy of Afghanistan, Obama’s not so noble outlook toward Pakistan […]

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WikiLeaks: The Broader Picture

It seems that the terror of Wikileaks has gripped the diplomatic circles of the entire world. The release of more than 250,000 classified documents of US has sent the entire political scene packing. This isn’t the 1st time Wikileaks has come out with these revelations but the magnitude and the material involved this time around […]

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Policy Paper on Afghanistan: A Pakistan Prospective

Policy Paper on Afghanistan: Pakistan Prospective

Recently, NATO head of states gathered in Lisbon to formulate what has been tagged as the “end plan” for the US led “War on Terror” in Afghanistan. US President Barack Obama is definitely trying his best to twist the pages of history into his favour. This final push from NATO in reality is directed to […]

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Pakistan Afghanistan Transit Trade

Pak-Afghan Trade Agreement: a Diplomatic Nightmare

Living in a capitalist world with an emphasis on trade without barriers, the recently signed trade agreement between neighbors Afghanistan and Pakistan shouldn’t have raised any eye brows, but thanks to our diplomatic machinery it has ended once again with the masses pointing fingers toward the intentions of those holding “power corridors”. The timing was […]

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