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Zafar Baloch PAC killed Lyari Karachi

Peoples Amn Committee (PAC) leader Zafar Baloch shot dead near Bazinjo Chowk, Lyari, Karachi

Peoples Amn Committee (PAC) leader Zafar Baloch shot dead near Bazinjo Chowk, Lyari, Karachi According to reports, he was on his way home from Civil Hospital when unidentified gunmen opened fire at his car, severely injuring him and his companions. Reportedly, eight gunmen astride on four motorcycles opened fire at his car. Zafar Baloch was […]

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PPP MPA Javed Nagori

11 killed in Lyari Blast allegedly targeting PPP MPA Javed Nagori

11 children killed in Lyari Blast allegedly targeting PPP MPA Javed Nagori A bomb ripped through densely populated area of Lyari, Karachi, leaving at least 11 people killed. PPP MPA Javed Nagori was alleged target of the attack, he suffered some injuries from the blast. According to news report, at least 11 people killed, including […]

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Nabeel Gabol

Nabeel Gabol, PPP leader from Lyari, joins MQM

Senior PPP Leader and MNA from Lyari, Nabeel Gabol joined MQM on Sunday, ending his 25 year affiliation with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). Nabeel Gabol announced his decision in a press conference at 90, MQM headquarter in Azizabad Karachi – Express Tribune reports: “Nine-Zero always felt like my second home… Now I’m saying goodbye […]

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Kayani meets Zardari over Karachi Operation

General Kayani met President Zardari to express concerns over Karachi Situation

The Corps Commander of Pakistan Army are finally concerned about the dire law and order situation in Karachi, the financial hub and business nerve center of Pakistan. COAS General Kayani met President Zardari yesterday to express the concern of Armed forces, and apparently “advising” the President to do more. The meeting between Zardari and Kayani […]

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Karachi Extortion Grenade

Complaint Numbers for registering Political Extortion in Karachi

With extortion in Karachi at its peak, people of all walks and segments of society are being forced to pay to live and work in Karachi. Bhatta and Parchi are most audible words in Karachi these days. Traders get bullets in mail, their homes and shops are attacked with grenades and their lives are constantly […]

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Cars burned at Napier road Karachi

More deaths in Karachi when Sindh Muhabat Rally came under attack

Another bloody day in Karachi when more than 17 people lost their lives to on going violence. Chaos erupted in the old city area of Karachi when the Sindh Muhabat Rally [Mohabbat-e-Sindh (Love of Sindh)], a protest walk against the Muhajir Province movement, organized by Awami Tehreek and supported by PML-N, Jaamat-e-Islami etc, was fired […]

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Owais Muzzaffar Tappi

Owais Muzzaffar Tappi is responsible for Lyari Operation?

As siege of Lyari enters 5th day, the question persist that who is really responsible for Lyari Operation? Who sent the ill equipped Police force in, rather than ordering the resourceful Rangers to do the task? Those who know the who’s who of Pakistan’s politics, are aware of the director of this show of brute […]

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Women with semi automatics in Lyrai Operation Karachi

Masked Men with Automatics: Police Using Rival Gangs in Lyari Operation

The media footage of Lyari Operation show masked men and women with semi-automatic weapons. Who are they? Why their faces are covered? Some say these people, apparently combat trained, are members of rivals gangs of Lyari – united to fight against the Peoples Aman Committee – a run-away faction of PPP, led by Uzair Jan […]

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Lyari Operation Sindh Police Karachi

Real Reason for Lyari Operation

Lyari is under the reign of terror these days. An assortment of law enforcement agencies are conducting a search and desist operation in Lyari. More than 100,000 residents have been trapped between the crossfire – where both parties are freely using automatic weapons, grenades and rocket launchers. At least 24 people, including policemen, have been […]

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Masked Policemen in Lyari Operation Karachi

Reign of Terror in Lyari

Lyari is one of the under-developed parts of Karachi, famous for its football players, gang wars, and die-hard PPP jiyalas. Gangs of Lyari, supported and patronized by various political parties, and some rumoured to be financed by neighbouring countries, have invoked a reign of terror and mayhem in Lyari. The gangs fight amongst each other […]

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