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Karachi Blackout

Karachi Blackout as KESC Transmission Lines Tripped

Major part of Karachi plunged into darkness on Saturday night as some of the KESC transmission lines tripped. Reportedly, two 220 kilovolt (KV) lines and three 132 KV lines stopped working, disrupting power at 20 of KESC’s 60 grid stations. Express Tribune quoted a KESC spokesperson, citing the reason for the blackout as, “(It can […]

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Massive blackout in Karachi as KESC grid went down

Karachi Electricity Supply Corporation (KESC) is a nightmare experienced by Karachiites while they are awake. KESC is the beast that kills whether its been fed or not. KESC makes a lot of noise about people using illegal means to acquire electricity, causing line losses and all. However, it makes sure that the law abiding citizens […]

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Karachi Rain Photos

After a long while, Karachi had a real downpour today. And as usual, the roads turned into rivers, drains overflowed and electricity feeders started to trip over. Following are some of the photos of the rain in Karachi, and its aftermath. From: Zohaib Akhtar From: Ummat From: Ummat If you have captured Karachi in rain, […]

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KESC Billing

KESC introduces bill payment convenience for customers

The Karachi Electric Supply Company has made alternative arrangements for payment of monthly electricity bills for those customers who have not received physical bills around their usual due date, given interruptions caused in the regular process by the union miscreants. The KESC has developed this system as a supplementary support to facilitate the customers who […]

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Kaya Bey: Last Resort for Electricity Generation in Pakistan?

The national grid of Pakistan is one of the poorest managed in the world, and is unable to provide electricity for major cities, halting industrialization and daily lives. Our government has been constantly criticized on power strategies. Now, a last resort has been employed in an attempt to save some blemishes from the face of […]

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Why should the KESC chief be paid so much?

When I graduated in 1966, the starting salary for engineers in the KESC was Rs. 450 per month plu…

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Why Karachi Suffer When It Rains?

Every year in monsoon season, Karachities brace for water clogged streets and power cuts. First w…

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City OFF lights, Karachi

The city of lights became a city OFF Lights when all generating units of the KESC, IPPs and K…

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Another harsh summer awaits Karachi as KESC goes on with Power Cuts

It is April and summer of 2009 is just around the corner. Karachities are getting ready for t…

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Can Abraaj Capital resolve Karachi Power Crisis?

According to news, Abraaj Capital, Dubai based capital investment group, has agreed to buy 50% sh…

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