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Reading Quran can change your life

Being a Muslim I have came across a lot beautiful things but only when I actually started to understand Quran by it’s real meaning. By the grace of Allah I took a short course of Arabic and was able to understand Quran even more easily and amazingly came across so many new things. Islam is […]

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Express Tribune pro Valentine Day campaign mocks Quraan and Hadith of Prophet (saw)

Express Tribune pro Valentine Day campaign mocks Quraan and Hadith of Prophet (saw)

Express Tribune has gone too far this time. The newspaper has published a picture where two of its workers / supporters are seen holding pictures to support Valentine’s Day, in front of messages that quote ayat of Qura’an and hadith of Prophet (saw). The hypocrite media group publishes right winged news and editorial in its […]

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Blasphemous Content Is Available All Over The Internet. What Are We Going To Protest And What Are We Going To Ban?

I personally do not understand what was so special about the 10 minute video clip that wreaked havoc in the Muslim world, as there is a lot of blasphemous content available on YouTube. Everyone knowing about that specific clip shows that the particular clip was advertised. And that was done by none other than Muslims. […]

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Dealing With Blasphemous Content

I am not interested in talking about the 10 minute video clip that created havoc in the Muslim world. I am interested in knowing how to best react to blasphemous content, because rest assured it will surface in the future. Some people ignore it, others protest peacefully, while some go berserk destroying property, burning vehicles, […]

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Hypocrisy Of U.S. After Murdering Countless Malalas

The amount of coverage Pakistani media (who is on the payroll of the U.S.) is giving to Malala Yousufzai is amazing. There was also a Yaum-e-Dua held for Malala. However, where was the media and what happened to Yaum-e-Dua for the hundreds of Malalas killed in drone attacks (which are not carried out with any […]

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Defend Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Defend the Honor of Prophet (saw)

After the blasphemous cartoons, drawing competitions and burn a Quran day, the Islamophobes are back with their pack of lies and abuses to hurt the feelings of Muslims of the world. On September 11, 2012, a video was released in United States of America, and spread around the globe through Youtube. The video contained blasphemous […]

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Syria Massacre Dead Bodies

Muslims of Syria are calling us

Syria is soaked with blood. The ongoing rampage has left hundreds, including women and children dead. Women are raped, properties are razed, and blocks upon blocks of residential areas are bombed to debris. Unfortunately, there is no foreign power involved in this massacre and brutality. There are no invaders, no occupying forces. Its Syrians turned […]

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American muslims prosecuted by FBI

Muslims in America live under constant fear of FBI surveillance

Islamic communities in California, USA say they are living under constant fear of prosecution by the government. They claim the FBI regards practicing Islam as a criminal offense. And while the government says it’s just trying to prevent terrorist attacks, the Muslim community isn’t convinced. A former FBI informant say this is a war against […]

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What Happened To The Sunnah Way Of Marriage?

It seems as though to go along with society’s customs, people are willing to compromise with Islamic teachings, specifically the sunnah way of marriage. Even religious people spend enormous amounts of money on their son’s and daughter’s marriages. In this day and age, the sunnah way of marriage seems non-existent. What happened to the sunnah […]

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Who I am

Who I am?

During my school days once on the way back home my friend asked me that tum kon ho/who I am to which I replied without a pause that I am a Muslim. She smiled and repeated the question and I replied that I am a Pakistani. She didn’t seem to be satisfied and inquired further […]

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