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Imran vs Nawaz

US Department of State shows support for Nawaz Sharif government in Pakistan

US Department of State in its daily briefing stated that they believe Nawaz Sharif is elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and there is an elected government in place. Answering a question that Imran Khan and his followers are not happy with the current government, Imran Khan is claiming the elections were fake and fraud and […]

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Raja Pervaiz Ashraf Prime Minister of Pakistan

Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered arrest of PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf in Rental Power Case

Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered NAB to arrest all the nominees of Rental Power Plant case, including Prime Minister of Pakistan Raja Pervaiz Ashraf. The order came as a shock at that time when Tahirul Qadri is staging a protest in front of Parliament House Islamabad, demanding resignation of PPP government. Conspiracy theories are […]

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Canadian Tahir Qadri and British Altaf Hussain to bring Revolution in Pakistan

Canadian and British Citizens to bring Revolution in Pakistan

Canadian national Tahirul Qadri and British national Altaf Hussain want to bring a revolution in Pakistan. What do you think?

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Sharmila Farooqi stunned by TV host, walked off the show in embarrassment

Imtiaz Meer, hosting Dateline Sindh at Awaz TV, stunned Sharmila Farooqi who stop responding to his questions and walked out of the show, visibly embarrassed. What a bitchslap! If she has even an iota of conscience, she will not appear on TV without first clearing her actions in this show. Well done, Imtiaz Meer.

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Democracy or Monarchy

Democracy or Monarchy? An Interesting Discussion

Including the states of Palestine and Israel, there are about 195 sovereign nations around the world. Every sovereign nation or state is governed through a system of government. It could be democracy, monarchy, military or non-military dictatorship, socialist dictatorship or socialist democracy. Practically, in all these forms of governments, a political party or a powerful […]

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democracy for you and me

You and me in the Democracy!

Democracy is infamously advertised as the government for the people, from the people, by the people. It self expresses the role and importance of people in making this process successful. But in order to fulfill this role that you and me have been assigned we need to be fully aware about the functionalities of this […]

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Pakistan Federal Cabinet 2011

New Federal Cabinet of Pakistan took oath

After much hype and speculation, new federal cabinet of Pakistan took oath yesterday. The head count is reduced from 54 to 22. While most of the old faces are back, some of them have got interesting, and ironic, portfolios. List of portfolios announced [from Express Tribune]: – Ahmed Mukhtar – Defence Minister – Arbab Alamgir […]

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Political Circus in Pakistan: Yousuf Raza Gilani on a tightrope

The turn of events at political circus in Pakistan has pushed Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to walk on the tightrope. The Makhdoom-zada of Multan was selected on top of Amin Faheem, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Ahmed Mukhtar as he was most docile and submissive of the lot. However, past thirty months of PPP government […]

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Democracy is NOT the best revenge

Much awaited UN commission’s report on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination was published last month. It is now binding upon the government to pursue the investigation of this case with greater zeal. Many term the assassination of Benazir Bhutto as a conspiracy to break the country hence letting the real culprits and perpetrators roam around freely means […]

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Pakistani filmamker in finals of democracy video challenge 2010

Pakistani film maker Faraz Siddiqui reaches finals of Democracy Video Challenge

Pakistani film maker Faraz Siddiqui for the first time has claimed spot along with two Nepalis in the finals of the 2010 US State Department’s ‘Democracy Video Challenge ’. This challenge is in its second year and drew nearly 700 entries this year. Contestants from 83 countries created short films on themes based upon the […]

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