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Ahmed Wali Karzai

US Smoke Screen over Afghan End Game

Team Obama since 2nd May seems to have sealed the triumph in Afghanistan, and rest assured this reality starts from White House and ends at Pentagon. A lot has been cooked up regarding US chartered end game in Afghanistan, how they have separated “Good Talibs from the Bad One’s”, Al Qaeda paralyzed after OBL’s elimination [...]

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US Drone Pakistan Bomb

Team Obama Delivers Pakistan Bomb: Countdown Begins

Pace of events post OBL killing has outpaced everyone, and there shouldn’t be another opinion on this point. The guy haunted millions in his life, and to carry his legacy of “terror” has done the same thing in his death. Hardly three weeks passed his killing in Abbotabad but already tremors have struck Pakistan Defense [...]

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Barack Obama Islam

Not too absurd?

Mualana Abdul Aziz, in a recent interview to CNN proclaimed Osama to be a martyr. He said he was both happy and sad at his death. Content that he died a martyr, which means heavenly bliss, and sad because the Islamic world is left without his guidance. Obviously the cleric was also of the view [...]

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Osama Bin Laden body

Death of Osama Bin Laden and way forward for Pakistan

With Osama Bin Laden reportedly dead, it does not really matter whether or not United States took Government of Pakistan or its institutions into confidence before the alleged operation. However, the question of moment is that whether those on ground were aware of Bin Laden’s presence before a team of US Navy Seals wrecked the [...]

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US trade with blacklisted nations

US allows trade with Blacklisted Nations

United States of America has blacklisted a lot of nations around the globe on account of sponsoring terrorism, barring US companies and individuals from commencing in trade and business with them. However, recently the administration of President Barack Obama has allowed certain US firms to do business with blacklisted countries including Iran on humanitarian basis. [...]

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Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Victim of Conscience: Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Pakistan has got its new cabinet, and like all our 180 million population, I am hardly attaching any hope from them. In simple it’s the old wine in the new bottle, a league of incompetent appeasers who care for nothing but exclusively their foreign masters. It won’t be fair if I term it as an [...]

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WikiLeaks: The Broader Picture

It seems that the terror of Wikileaks has gripped the diplomatic circles of the entire world. The release of more than 250,000 classified documents of US has sent the entire political scene packing. This isn’t the 1st time Wikileaks has come out with these revelations but the magnitude and the material involved this time around [...]

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Policy Paper on Afghanistan: A Pakistan Prospective

Policy Paper on Afghanistan: Pakistan Prospective

Recently, NATO head of states gathered in Lisbon to formulate what has been tagged as the “end plan” for the US led “War on Terror” in Afghanistan. US President Barack Obama is definitely trying his best to twist the pages of history into his favour. This final push from NATO in reality is directed to [...]

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Permanent Membership for Permanent Nuisance

New Delhi is currently on cloud 9 and  there is a good reason for this aswell. Team Manmohan has got the backing of President Obama for its quest to join the permenant member squad in UN Security Council. Although the aspiration is not new but its timing as well as its future implications have raised [...]

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Time Line to the Afghan Question

Afghanistan is one place which can in alternate words, be named as the place where “hunters get hunted”. This label has been acquired by this land from its track record in history, but unlike Mongolia whose history only stands out now, Afghanistan retains this label from the way events have unfolded in the recent past [...]

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