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Bal Thackeray

Shiv Sena inspired Suicide Training Camps in India

Whenever a suicide bombing event happened anywhere in the world, it is blamed to Al Qaeda, Taliban or some other Islamist Militant Organization. The accusers forget the suicide bombings done by the LTTE, and the lethal attack in India that killed ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. In a recent report, The Telegraph, India claims that at […]

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Ahmed Wali Karzai

US Smoke Screen over Afghan End Game

Team Obama since 2nd May seems to have sealed the triumph in Afghanistan, and rest assured this reality starts from White House and ends at Pentagon. A lot has been cooked up regarding US chartered end game in Afghanistan, how they have separated “Good Talibs from the Bad One’s”, Al Qaeda paralyzed after OBL’s elimination […]

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Rare Earth Elements in Afghanistan

Rare Earth Metals, Minerals and Precious Stones: Real Reasons for the Afghan War

Rare Earth Metals are a set of seventeen elements, mined from the earth, which form the basis of modern day gadgets, from the smart phones to hybrid cars, defence equipment and almost everything else thats part of our modern day technology. Currently, China is the biggest supplier of Rare Earth Metals, producing almost 93% of […]

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Last interview of Saleem Shahzad

This is the last interview slain journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad gave. He negated the theory that Taliban will negotiate with America after Osama Bin Laden is gone.

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Saleem Shahzad

Saleem Shahzad Murder: Another move to trap the Hunters?

Dark clouds have lowered down on the journalist community of Pakistan, as well as the global network with the shocking murder of Saleem Shahzad, a top line investigative journalist from Pakistan. Saleem, maintained a low profile as far as the main stream electronic media is concerned, but his connection and insight into Al Qaeda, Taliban […]

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War on Terror in Pakistan

Our Woes and Foes

Is not this high time we, sincere Pakistanis, got our thinking straight… and decide where it all went wrong ? 1. We may have provided them with refuge, and a congenial breeding home ground for their life time settlement. With our traditions of being the greatest hosts, we may have supported our guests in getting […]

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US Drone Pakistan Bomb

Team Obama Delivers Pakistan Bomb: Countdown Begins

Pace of events post OBL killing has outpaced everyone, and there shouldn’t be another opinion on this point. The guy haunted millions in his life, and to carry his legacy of “terror” has done the same thing in his death. Hardly three weeks passed his killing in Abbotabad but already tremors have struck Pakistan Defense […]

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Terrorists Vow To Seek Revenge

The prayers of getting justice, by many Muslims and non- Muslims who had suffered at the hands of Osama Bin Laden’s terrorism was answered on May 2nd, 2011. It was a historic day for the innocent and peace-leaving people, when Osama Bin Laden (OBL), the face of death and the symbol of terrorism was killed […]

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Osama Bin Laden body

Death of Osama Bin Laden and way forward for Pakistan

With Osama Bin Laden reportedly dead, it does not really matter whether or not United States took Government of Pakistan or its institutions into confidence before the alleged operation. However, the question of moment is that whether those on ground were aware of Bin Laden’s presence before a team of US Navy Seals wrecked the […]

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got bin laden

Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan Foreign Office and Silence of the Lambs

“We feel that that sort of misadventure or miscalculation would result in a terrible catastrophe,” said the graceful Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir. “There should be no doubt Pakistan has adequate capacity to ensure its own defence.” Without a spectacle of doubt, this was targeted at India- the Indian media and the in house debate that […]

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