SOCMM12 Day 2: Trolls, Liberals and the Wannabes

SOCMM12 Day 2: Trolls, Liberals and the Wannabes

What was the Social Media Mela 2012 all about?

The Social Media Mela (aka SOCMM12) was an apparent attempt by the US Consulate PR department to win the hearts and minds of Pakistani Social Media. However, the bunch of enthusiasts grouped at the venue does not represent Pakistani Social Media per se. The so-called influencers have an out reach mainly to the English speaking part of Pakistan, and that too in a small percentage.

The other probable item on the agenda was to have a friendly chitchat with few across the border, in continuation with the Aman Ki Asha program.

US government has done a number of attempts previously to monitor Social Media by hiring local PR firms, to pay journalists for producing stories, and to write guest posts at various blogs and discussion forums.

Wonder why they got so active in “sponsoring” the social media in Pakistan? Are they planning to raise a Twitter Revolution maybe? If they believe they can incite an Arabian Spring in Pakistan like this, they live in a Fool’s Paradise.

More about the organizers:

This time the Americans did no attempt to hide behind proxies. The Social Media Mela was totally stamped out as an US Consulate event.

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Who were the attendees?

The cream of speakers and attendees belonged to a select class. The Brown Sahibs who consider themselves to be more westernised than their counterparts in the West. Rest of the bunch consisted of the wannabes.

On Trolls and creatures of the liberal side:

A troll, according to the liberals, is a person who respond to their provocative comments. They consider themselves free to say whatever they want, aka Freedom of Expression, but when somebody retaliates – they are quick to call them a troll. Such liberals are no better than the right wing extremists who are free to apply takfeer to all and sundry.

How about blocking this Mohsin guy too?

Adnan Ali came up with a sane definition of the trolls:

This covers the Day 1 of Social Media Mela 2012.

All in all, the Social Media Mela was more of a Twitter kitty party of the Brown Sahibs, than anything else.

Image: Tribune Blogs

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3 Responses to SOCMM12 Day 2: Trolls, Liberals and the Wannabes

  1. Amber July 24, 2012 at 7:33 pm #

    I am confused as to why the Social media topic was limited to very few Pakistanis or “elite people.” Shouldn’t the Social Media be welcomed as an educational tool in all schools where students’ learning is not limited to four-walled classroom, and diversified in global perspectives instead?

    I guess in that way people of all status can enhance their education.

  2. Rai M Azlan July 15, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

    Haha so it ended exactly as i expected it will in my blog post one day before the event.
    Lamby lamby waady aor ghanta outcome where a limited section of the society represented whole pakistani social media oh i forgot rest are the trolls.
    Idea was no doubt good but used VERY badly.

  3. Moise July 15, 2012 at 5:05 am #

    Nice coverage, however there is more to it than it meets the eye.

    Modern day regime change are done with color revolutions which is not only cheaper but also make the backers well hidden from public eye.

    Quoting from an interview of political scientist on Russia Today ( ) Mateusz Piskorsky explains the revolutions and how they work.

    1. There has to be a real political and social crisis, which may be an inspiration for those groups who protest.
    2. Revolution is managed by professional coordination centers … secret from ordinary protesters, but functioning very effectively.
    3. Emotional engineering to manipulate the crowd
    4. Important factor is the control of mass-media
    5. First you take control over alternative mass media (Bloggers, Twitteratis/Tweeple, PRs) – This where SOCMM12 bloggers will come from.
    6. Funding: Certain foundations from some western countries, including the US, funded protests in Ukraine and Belarus
    7. US has the best experts in this area.
    8. The man who invented the whole technology is Gene Sharp [considered by many the world’s best expert on non-violent revolution, author of From Dictatorship to Democracy].
    The US is the leading power when it comes to this technology, I can say.
    9. Color revolution may not end on a peaceful note and may proceed to a civil war, the case with Syria and Libya.
    10. Cost of installing a new regime is from $20 million to $120 million.

    So my brothers a color revolution is coming, engineered, managed, paid by US establishment, using these bloggers. Only politicians are ridiculed for their Western backing but looks like generals, bureaucrats, economic managers and now bloggers are excused from being a foreign puppet.

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