Karachi mobbed, razed and ransacked on Love Prophet Day

Karachi killings September 21 anti film protest

Friday, September 21, 2012. Another black day in Karachi.

Karachi was mobbed, razed and ransacked on a day that was observed as Love Prophet Day.

In the blame game that started post riots, who will take the responsibility to protect the city?

Who manages the Police in Karachi? Who is Interior Minster of Sindh?

Why police used live bullets? Where were the Rangers and FC?

Who are these masked men involved in arson?

People of Karachi wonder why they pay taxes and dues to the state that has failed to protect their lives and properties.

(AFP Photo/Asif Hassan: RT.com)

(AFP Photo/Asif Hassan: RT.com)

Nishat Cinema torched. (Ummat)

Police mobile torched near CM House. (Ummat)

NIB Bank burnt near PIDC, Karachi (Ummat)

Express News)

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One Response to Karachi mobbed, razed and ransacked on Love Prophet Day

  1. Raheel Farooq Haraj October 5, 2012 at 5:33 pm #

    That’s, unfortunately, what we call Pakistan currently!
    But, Kashif sahab, I still look forward to a day when it will not be so anymore. Pakistan is founded in the name of Islam. It’s not a mere textbook phrase but a solid historical reality. We may be ignorant of who we are, but I’m certain Allah won’t let our forefathers stand dishonored in the end. Pakistan is meant to be a heave of peace and it will be one day.
    Quite a while ago, I had comment on a post of your blog in much distress and had perhaps expressed hopelessness about my home country. I’m ashamed of the irresponsible expression and will suggest it to you too, if you don’t mind, that we are in fact ambassadors of Pakistan at cyber-space. We must be careful about the implications of what we share and express. It may be a point of reference for anyone in the world. Let it be good. Let’s help Pakistan regain the “Paradise Lost!”
    Thank you!

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