Dealing With Blasphemous Content

I am not interested in talking about the 10 minute video clip that created havoc in the Muslim world. I am interested in knowing how to best react to blasphemous content, because rest assured it will surface in the future. Some people ignore it, others protest peacefully, while some go berserk destroying property, burning vehicles, and in the violence some people even lose their lives.

In future, if another picture or video surfaces maligning Islam or Prophet Mohammad (SAW), would it be justified to go all berserk and destroy public property? Or should we protest peacefully? Or simply ignore the blasphemous content so that the perpetrators do not get a chance to fulfill their aim and goal?

In reality, the perpetrators want to anger Muslims and show them as a bunch of violent people, and we fulfill their goal by getting angry and protesting violently. Now, can these emotions be controlled? Anyone who loves the Prophet (SAW) will get angry. It is natural. Violence does send a message across to the world about how serious Muslims are about Prophet Mohammad (SAW), and it does stop people from taking blasphemy lightly. However, is violence the right way to go about it?

This is not the first time blasphemy has been committed against our Holy Prophet (SAW). And this is certainly not the last. What are we going to do every time this occurs? Burn buildings, destroy infrastructure, hack their websites, kill their people, burn their embassies, and destroy their churches? And what is this going to achieve? A lot of respect in the eyes of people whom we tell Islam is a religion of peace?

When we act violently we give non-Muslims a reason to hate Islam (as if we haven’t given then enough reason already). On one hand we claim to love the Prophet (SAW) and on the other hand we behave in a way that is contrary to his teachings.

Lastly, the Pakistani media is to be blamed for spreading news about blasphemy, and along with it people on social networking websites and Pakistani blogs. There is no need to report blasphemous links. They will die. We help the perpetrators by spreading such pieces of news. We help them achieve their aim. We help them fulfill their goal.

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