Blasphemous Content Is Available All Over The Internet. What Are We Going To Protest And What Are We Going To Ban?

I personally do not understand what was so special about the 10 minute video clip that wreaked havoc in the Muslim world, as there is a lot of blasphemous content available on YouTube. Everyone knowing about that specific clip shows that the particular clip was advertised. And that was done by none other than Muslims. Now the question is, should we be against some clip or the group that refuses to delete such clips, namely YouTube. I can pinpoint YouTube because I have seen other blasphemous clips in recent days, but I know blasphemous content is on other social networking websites as well. In fact, blasphemous content is all over the internet. So what are we going to do now? We banned YouTube. Should we ban the internet? The obvious answer is no. Even if we banned the internet, would the content not be available to the rest of the world?

Technology is very advanced these days. Anyone can create an account on a social networking website and post hateful, derogatory, blasphemous content in the form of a word, picture, or video clip within a few minutes. And with animation software, it has become even easier. The fury of Muslims is further propelled by the double standards of social networking websites. Anything against Jews is deleted right away. Post something denying the holocaust and end up in jail. Free speech is only reserved for Muslims and Islam.

Prophet Mohammad’s (SAW) sacrifices for his Ummah are beyond comprehension. And that is why people are ready to defend the honor of Prophet (SAW), even with their lives. But the thing is, there is blasphemous content all over the internet, on thousands of websites. There is no way of controlling that. There are countless people out there who hate Islam, Muslims, and Prophet Mohammad (SAW). We cannot choose their actions. But we can choose our own. It is best to ignore such content. Now that is a very, very difficult thing to do. In fact, anything even remotely offensive against Prophet Mohammad (SAW) is enough to make one’s blood boil. If we can’t ignore such content, then let’s not advertise such content, as we did with the 10 minute video clip. And if it is made viral, then let’s protest peacefully.

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